EMEAC on Twitter

After attending the Children & Nature Network's grassroots gathering last week, I came away even more convinced of the necessity of striking a balance between what is tradionally known as "nature" and what we call "technology" (because I am beginning to see a spark of nature AS technology and the other way around...just a thought.)

Yesterday I established East Michigan Environmental Action Council's presence on Twitter. I already can see how enjoyable this can be, for me anyway as a self-professed multi-media addict! After setting up the account, @EMEAC, I set out to become a follower. Starting with some trusted sources, I chose to follow some Tweeps that have related interests to the work that we are doing. I was so excited by the sheer numbers of environmentally realated Twitizens there are. As of today EMEAC is following about 146 Tweeters and have 78 following us as well. I was pleased to be able to share links about Catherine Ferguson Academy being featured in a PBS documentary, as well as information on the upcoming USSF Detroit.

I have added the Twitter stream to our website www.emeac.org and figured out how to connect to my Facebook account.

This is where lo and high tech intersect. It is making this learning process more enjoyable for me because this is my "plug-in" point. The dept. I know a little sum-sum about and don't have to feel like I am completely in the dark.