It's been a while...

While I've never been "regular", I haven't been writing lately (this time) because my mom, who I had been taking care of for the past 4 years, became increasingly ill with advanced dementia and ultimately made her transition on December 7. My world is upside down now and I rock back and forth between feeling lost, not knowing what to do with myself and not having the ability, motivation, or energy to do anything anyway. My father transitioned 3 1/2 years ago. My son just went to live full time on the college campus and my daughter lives with their Dad on the tail end of the country. My wonderfully supportive partner tries to ride this tide that is me and of course gets hugs and kisses of appreciation, unexplainable outbursts, tearful requests to be checked on during the day and demands that he go away and leave me alone in my "space". And that's on the good days. Bless him.

When I was laid up a while back with back surgery, I started this blog and it really helped during that time. I am again turning to my writing as a means of healing, exploration, and hopefully growth, as I attempt the ultimate Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for me...handling the accumulated history in what was my parent's home of 44 years, mine for 21 years and the past 5. I am happy to be here. The memories that surround me are comforting right now. At the same time, my parents were both collectors of all kinds of things and I too have pack rat tendencies, so this should be interesting. Hopefully it will be enjoyable and I'm certain we will learn a lot from Fred and Lottie Stewart along the way.

This is a new twist in the Earthseed blog, but after all we are seeds and will each eventually return to the earth in one way or another.

Peace and Blessings,

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