I've Got Balls!!

So, now that I have your attention, drag your mind from the gutter and make a note to self "this must have something to do with the purpose of this blog!". And, it does. One more small step toward a sustainable lifestyle!

I have been slowly replacing the household products that I habitually use with more eco-friendly and environmentally sound options and have been really pleased. Yes, they tend to cost more, BUT, I feel this is reflective of where the environment falls on the capitalist food chain. Given the supply/demand model, right now, the prices reflect the smaller market share that these products hold. Hopefully this cost can be offset by savings in other areas when looking holistically at the family budget. If I can save on food by buying at the Eastern Market or other farmer's markets, or reduce the number of products required for a household task, maybe it will equal out in the end. I started by cutting the amount of Tide I used in half and supplementing it with a full cap of white vinegar and a good shake of borax (both are pretty cheap and work really well in the laundry). And, if you forget a load in the wash (well, I know I've done it before), instead of rewashing it with even more laundry detergent, just running a load with a cup of white vinegar gets the sour smell out completely and cheaply!

Now, I have switched to Seventh Generation laundry detergent, found it on sale at Target for pretty much the same price as Tide. I liked that it was eucalyptus and lavender scented as well. Still using the vinegar and borax supplement and using half of what is called for and I have been pleased with the results.

I also have switched to their dish liquid. (Lemongrass and Clementine Zest!!) And feel good that I have taken this little step...it's hard to challenge ingrained behaviors.

So, on to my BALLS!!! LOL!!! I picked up a pair of dryer balls to try out when the fabric softening sheets were used up. They were about $8.00 I think and there is no "Mountain Mist" fragrance, but I really wanted to do something about the endless number of little sheer scraps all over the basement. And, I had heard that these little fragrant sheets are really, like, BAD for US!! Read more at the link below:

The Dangers of Dryer Sheets

So, I buy these balls right? They are spiky and a perky blue color, looking like, yea, they could have some sort of stress relief function. But they are just that...dryer balls. Throw them in your dryer, basically leave them there. They beat the static cling out of your dryables, and they really do seem to cut drying time. (I am going to "Go Line" soon too...hanging as much as I can to save energy.) And they do eliminate a certain environmental stress that those who are trying to adopt a more healthy, earth friendly, life style may have. I know I do!

It's interesting and troublesome thinking about all the ways in which my lifestyle of convenience, speed, and aesthetics impacts my ability to make such a simple decision. They never wear out (at least I don't think they do) and will pay for themselves in about 6 months. I'll keep you posted. But so far, so good. They do work!! No static cling!!

I will soon be embarking on making my own laundry detergent as well. Here's to happy clothes that treat us well!!