Spring Detoxicant: Here A Tox, There A Tox - Part 2 of a few...

Well, it's "Spring" here in Detroit and I sit, looking at the fresh six inches of snow that powdered the town yesterday, and meditate on patience. The warm weather will come in time and I am determined to make the best of the wait so, for now, its mocha lattes and a front row seat at the coffee shop. I am realizing that patience is also required for me to ease into a new lifestyle that puts my family's health and my own at the forefront, especially when I thought I was doing that already! There is a lot of confusing information out there about "being healthy" and the more I dig around the more I learn. The main thing I'm learning is that its a process. So, here are the rules (for me...who am I to dole out rules to anyone else?): Move at a pace that feels comfortable, Acknowledge the discomfort and/or fear, Celebrate every improvement along the way, Repeat!

Last week, I was all jazzed to do a "Spring Detox" because it appears to be all the rage. I mean, here a tox, there a tox, every where a detox! As I tried to decide between juicing, fasting, pilling, cleansing, supplementing and combining (foods), the question "what exactly is a toxin and where does it come from?, slowly but firmly rooted itself in my mind.


last week's post

, we learned that a toxin is a biological substance whereas a "toxicant" is a manmade substance. Both of which are poisions and can cause harm or death when taken into the body.

Where do these toxicants come from?

Nifty Graphic

According to the nifty graphic above, toxicants can enter our bodies through the air we breathe, water we drink and bathe in, food we eat, the soil in which crops are grown and the products that we use. Wow, feeling a little like a cesspool right about now. Since the bubble store is fresh out of plastic bubbles (hmmmmm....showing my age a bit there), I'm going to have to take a brave and interactive approach to getting reacquainted with my body and the environment.  I understand where toxicants come from, but I'm still unsure how they get inside me. Surely, I did not sign up for this.

How do toxicants get inside the body?

Rodale News

 published an article about "

The Detox Prescription


which included 

this survey to determine environmental factors

 that contribute to toxicants in the body. 

I took the survey and at first was a bit distressed to discover just how many toxicants my family and I are exposed to regularly!  But, I breathed in deeply, (wait, was that a toxicant? Ok, I can't just not breathe! Get on with it....) and was able to reframe this information in gratitude. With knowledge, I am empowered to act. The action I am taking at this time is to research, talk with folks, and really look at what's around me.

The Detroit Incinerator

We will unpack some of these poisons in posts to come and explore our protective and reactive options. 

But, just to get you thinking a little more deeply of the body as billboard,


ccording to the author of 


The Detox Prescription

", listed below are 5 of many signals that you may be suffering a toxic overload:

  • Pain or aches in your muscles or joints

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Fatigue or sluggishness

  • Headaches

  • Mood swings

Is that what's been going on? And here I though life was just getting on my nerves! I am now starting to understand the importance of detoxing! 

Has anyone read this book,

The Detox Prescription

? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I have nabbed the image and put it here as a reminder to check it out. This does not equal endorsement at this time, but it seems like it could be helpful.

I am looking forward to figuring out what can be done about it!

Learn with me.