#SmoothieYum #1 - Video Flight

Link to how to video

 This post almost feels like I am cheating because it is so easy and delicious!

What I have prepared for you today is a small video flight featuring the three different amazing smoothies. The first rendition is based on apple cinnamon oatmeal, the second is a seasonal blend to go along with all of the pumpkin spice products that are out right about now and the third is a fruity delicious burst of cherry berry flavor that complements the base vegetable so well that you would not believe what it is! 

If you try these out, I would love to hear what you think!

Link to how to video

I absolutely love making smoothies and I like to make smoothies that are tasty as well as nutritious. I have choked down lots of green, gloopy smoothies for the sake of them being "good for me" and there is nothing wrong with that.  I'm a firm believer in getting beyond the whole need for it to taste good. If it's good for me, then I am going to try my best to ingest it BUT it is much easier to ingest if my body doesn't want to give it right back. I also find that it's a lot easier for my kids, students and other skeptics to take in a healthy beverage if it tastes good and the vegetables are well hidden, sorry to say. Now, I'm sure once their palates mature, they will be able to appreciate a nice, huge, steamy bowl of kale sprinkled with just a little sea salt (that is my dream!) but in the meantime I can always sneak in a little sustenance in the form of a smoothie. 

Link to how to video

The other thing that I've been doing is trying to flex my media muscles a bit and make easy to follow instructional videos of my smoothie creations. Just keeping it simple and fun, it is helping me learn the benefits and limitations of the iMovie app on my iPhone. I am always trying to keep up on these things so I can use current tech to make healthy media messages that will hopefully encourage healthy choices towards a healthy lifestyle. At the very least it might inspire someone to try something new! And I'm good with that too.

This whole experience also helped me retire my Flip A Gram account. They let you choose background music for your video but if you want to share at any place outside of Flip A Gram it's like ah ah ahhhhhh...

It was pretty creepy the way Facebook and Instagram could recognize the music that was used and send me messages about how they had removed my little smoothie video because I was in violation of some rule… but I'm like, Flip A Gram let me use that music!? Anyway, I do understand and I want artists to get paid, but it did set me on a crash course to learn how to source royalty free background music for my little videos. In the meantime I'm using the standard few jingles that are built into the iPhone version of iMovie. So there's one limitation right there. 

But it's all good. Like these smoothies!