Green Stars in My Eyes

My wonderful partner and I have just begun setting up house in a lovely, spacious, apartment on the Northwest side. Now is the chance right? This clean slate of sorts to approach this with a gloriously green eye toward sustainable and responsible eco-chicdom!! Recycling bins over here, compost container over there...Right.

This blending of lifestyles has proven challenging from day one when I found myself engaged in an energetic conversation on the flat-screen isle at the not-so-local big-box Best Buy about the merits of an energy-star qualified television. Now, let it be noted that, if I had my way, there would probably be NO television, energy-star qualified or otherwise in the home. But, having found my self in love with a self-professed sports addict, I am learning the art of "compromise".

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Now, if I could just figure out how to get around Comcast and this Playstation. {sigh.}
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