Part of the Process

I haven't written in a while, seems the New Year took off with a blast and I am just now beginning reentry! I'll try not to burn up in the process! Speaking of processes, let's visit (or should I say re-visit) the process of change. Why is it so hard! I seem to be hardwired to be this certain way and hardwired to wish I was different! Different in that "if only I was this...", or "if only I did that..." kind of way. Disguised as the desire for self-improvement, this line of thought keeps me in daily conflict with myself and, while I know there are many ways of being and doing that I could do "better", I just have to stop and question the difficulty of incorporating these seemingly healthy and smarter habits into my day-to-day. Of course, this is the February, post New Year's, reflecting on the fact that I have not made any headway with any of my resolutions blog entry. {Sigh.}


So, today I will post the pictures from my vision book and revisit these goals and reflect on how I'm doing and not doing as I go on trying to live life like its golden!

These two (one above, one below) relate to work and how I am working this year on polishing and refining that which has been put in motion. Take on nothing NEW. Increasing capacity and fine tuning methods.

Keeping focused, eyes on the prize: Holistic activist retreat center, youth organizing multi-media farm!! Yes to All Of That!!

Write everyday! Well...check that off for today! YES!!

Lifestyle: Eat to Live.

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